Sunday, 30 September 2012

Rock Star

Clearly I am not a rock star… yet this morning when I got dressed my husband remarked ‘Ohhhhh… You’re looking very Rock Star today’. Nothing says rock star like black jeans, a printed t-shirt and dark sunglasses, it’s a pretty easy look to pull off. I'm not usually a t-shirt kinda girl, but if you look closely you'll see exactly why I chose this one, the fact it goes best with black jeans, therefore making me look far cooler than I actually am, is an added bonus.

t shirt / MNG / ankle zip jeans / Gap 

ballet flats / Joe Fresh

My ballet flats are from Joe Fresh, picked up on our recent trip to New York city, I think they finish the look off perfectly (sadly I don’t have any biker boots or a tough looking leather jacket). So how did this Rock Star fill her day? A morning at the local shopping centre and an afternoon on the couch with a good book.. Cause that’s how I roll ;-)


  1. Come on now I'm sure you can rock it with the best of them! I like it, looks perfect your day's activities and in particular love the ballet flats.

  2. Yep, I love the ballet flats, too! My hair is all kinds of wrong for the rock chick look. It's not long enough to be long and wild and not short enough to be short and spunky. Oh well!

  3. Thanks Carlee! I'm in love with them also..and the fact they are comfortable is an added bonus! :-)

  4. Those flats are so stinking cute! Love the whole look!

  5. Love those flats girl! I think everything is a little better with some polka dots :)