Friday, 20 July 2012

Put that in your blog and post it..

Hmmmm… so it seems I’m back in my ‘uniform’ again today, boring right? I hope not. I have tried to practice what I preach my mixing it up with the latest addition to my Gap jean collection, my ankle zip jeans in Majorca Blue (sounds far more exotic than just ‘blue’ thank you very much), an Oasis London print scarf and turquoise earrings.

Gap 1969 ankle zip jeans in Majorca Blue, buy them here

Gap jeans as above, scarf Oasis buy it here, grey T shirt French Connection UK, Cardigan and shoes by Next

Today was a fairly standard mummy day which involved coffee with friends this morning and an afternoon of baking for my little boy’s 3rd birthday party tomorrow. It seemed like a sensible day to stick to the basics. I promise I’ll pull something out of the bag for tomorrow; it is party time after all! 

Cupcake anyone?

Oh and thank you to my hubby for his title inspiration. Love your work xo


  1. I was thinking about the mummy uniform thing - not sure how it is in UK but over here many mummies do the kindy drop off and pick up wearing their best Lorna Jane sporty gear. When I see them I feel really envious that they are on their way/coming from the gym - that they have the time and freedom for working out through the week. Maybe they don't?, but definitely the sport gear is a favourite here in Aus for mums.

    1. I think most people buy it and only use it for that purpose... It's very over priced for what it is. At my locaal gym everyone appart from me seems to have the gear... I shop for my gym stuff in Target and spend the savings somewhere else :) handbags and shoes LOL :)

  2. Andrea - you are so right. Sports gear is a definite Mummy uniform for the school & kindy drop off! I also believe the drop off is a little bit of a fashion parade up here on the Sunshine Coast, everyone seems to be dressed so very nicely almost as if they're in competition with other, not to mention the SUV's they drive too. It's probably a good thing that they're all conscious of taking care of themselves and looking presentable - sets a good example for the kiddies ;-) Belinda love your apron. I bake bake bake 2 or 3 times a week and have, for I don't know how long, told myself I will get an apron and still I haven't done it. Happy Birthday to our little mate Max have an awesome day celebrating the big "3" xox.

  3. That's really interesting as sports wear is definitely not drop off wear here in the UK.. In fact even when I exercise in my Wheelie Fit class with other mums it's all baggy, daggy tracksuits and overworn lycra. That's one 'trend' I'll have to prepare myself for when I get home!!
    Agreed Megan, I guess it has to be a good thing? As long as it doesn't mean you are looked down on for not having the best labels (sports wear is really cheap here, maybe I will stock up..haha)

  4. Testing, one, two

  5. I love scarves. That one is cute. I thought I would let you know that you are officially the only non-aussie blog on my blog list. xx

  6. I am a scarf addict, I'm planning a post soon about them. Oh and I will coming home to Australia, but for now, you've gone global ;-)