Sunday, 29 July 2012

Breaking the Rules – Double Denim!

So, in the course of writing this blog over the past few months I’ve come to the realisation that I’m going to have to get out of my comfort zone, no one wants to see me wearing jeans, stripes and a cardigan every single day. So with that in mind today I am breaking not only one of my own rules, but a ‘Quick call the fashion police’ kind of rule. Today, my friends, I’m wearing double denim!

I’ve been coveting a denim shirt for a while now, I think they look cool, easy to wear and provide a nice change from my striped staples. I found this one at Topshop (buy it here) and I love the soft, pale denim colour and the flattering fitted shape (and besides, I needed to make one more Topshop purchase before I leave!). I’m wearing it today with my hot pink Gap jeans. I’m going to give it a try in the next few weeks over a maxi dress and with a maxi skirt.

Double denim - Could you?

Some tips for wearing double denim;

  • Your denims should not be too similar, sticking to coloured jeans and a denim shirt or jacket makes this easy.
  • Avoid veering into cowboy territory, stay clear of boots, silver lapels and any kind of embroidery.

Always EXERCISE CAUTION when wearing double denim, I’ve put together an ensemble below to show you what not to do (and hopefully give you all a giggle).

Double denim - What NOT to do

So, can you do the double denim? 

Or are you reporting me to the fashion police as we speak?


  1. Once again Ble you make it look easy. You look great in the pink jeans with blue denim top. I bought a terrific dark blue denim top that is more like alight hacket - does up with a zip in front and must admit an struggling to find a bottom to wear with it. I sometimes wear it with a plain black dress underneath and a scarf with blue, white and green in it. Can you suggest what may go with it?

  2. Sounds nice Bec. I think as long as you avoid putting it with more dark blue denim you'll be alright. Being it's winter in Melbourne, maybe a patterned skirt & boots? Or some dark coloured denim jeans, maybe teal or maroon? xo

  3. Awesome - perfect excuse to go shopping. Will keep an eye out for those colors.