Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year

Urgh. Waking up on New Years Day after a very late night (musical statues at 2am anyone?) and quite a few wines (for an out of practice mumma who rarely drinks) is not the best way to start a year of positivity… However, I did manage to drag myself off the couch for a lovely walk with a good friend and my babies, which is probably the best you can ask for.

One of the difficulties I’ve experienced since moving to Canberra is making new friends; moving as often as we have means we have some wonderful and amazing people in our lives, sadly the vast majority live overseas or interstate.  Making friends as adults isn't easy and involves putting yourself out there in a way that can be a little daunting. We were lucky enough to be invited to a street party for New Years Eve on a neighbouring street where we met some lovely people including a family similar to ours with a little boy and girl. They seemed to be ‘our kind of people’; a quality that is hard to pin point but essential for friendships to blossom. So, for my next act of positivity I am going to drop a little note in their letter box seeing if they’d like to catch up again sometime.

Have you ever needed to make new friends? I’d love to hear your tips or advice.


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