Sunday, 24 March 2013

Checking in

I have to say, deciding to continue my blogging style journey while pregnant was not one of my smartest ideas. There are very few women who look glamorous at 7, 8 or god forbid 9 months pregnant and I am most certainly not one of them.

However as I haven’t checked in since my birthday back in January, I thought it only fair I post an update.  So I am now 34 weeks pregnant with just 6 weeks to go. These photos were taken on Saturday; we went to a BBQ with friends. I'll admit I made more effort than I have been of late and seeing as I didn't feel as whale like as usual, I harassed the husband to take a few quick snaps.

shirt/ LC for Kohls / stripe singlet / witchery/ jeans / motherhood maternity/ flats / nine west

I’ll admit, second time around pregnancy has been tougher than first, the awful morning sickness has been replaced with unrelenting insomnia and while I'm forever grateful for the blessing that is this baby, the excitement of the arrival of your first child seems to propel you through the negatives of pregnancy, while second time around, with an active toddler to entertain, the level of enthusiasm and anticipation isn't quite the same.

Style? Fashion? I'm at the point that if it fits I'll wear it. Jersey is my friend. Tracksuit pants and pyjama’s are my very best friends.. Till next time xo


  1. Love these shots!

  2. I could totally relate. I felt I was not at my prettiest when I was pregnant. But it didn't matter. I would really want to post something like this when I get pregnant the second time around. I was not able to take much photos when I was pregnant.

    I'd love to try the Honey Body Butter! I love body butters! I love the collection! Would try to get my hands on those babies! :)

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