Sunday, 23 December 2012

Baby love

Those who follow me on facebook will know by now there have been some changes in the Parsons family. We are expanding!

I know the blog has been awfully quiet of late and whilst I’m not claiming morning sickness of Princess Kate proportions, sadly I did have 10 long, nasty weeks of constant nausea, occasional vomiting and general nastiness. Let’s just say it was enough to put anyone off getting dressed up and parading in front of a camera each day and coupled with (yes another) international move, blogging has taken a very firm back seat for a while.

It’s now December and we are happily setting into our new home and new life in Canberra, Australia and I just recently hit the momentous half way mark in my pregnancy, I’m now 21 weeks!

singlet top/ sportsgirl /skirt /french connection/ wooden beads/ old

One thing I’ve learnt already (which I had clearly placed in the same amnesia  filled corner of my brain as those horror filled birth stories) is that dressing well while pregnant is HARD. At our 19 week scan a few weeks ago I watched the sonographer struggle with what she described ‘a moving target’ and I liken this to my struggle each morning to walk out the door looking stylish and presentable. The bump (and erm.. associated cleavage)  is constantly changing and growing, making staying stylish so difficult. One day, a top can look fab, it shows just the right amount of bump, then a mere week later, tight and uncomfortable and relegated to the post pregnancy pile.

So please, whether you are pregnant or not (some style rules are universal!) I’d love you to follow me for the next 20 weeks and beyond as I continue my Style Journey.



  1. Wow! Huge changes in your life. Congratulations on the pregnancy and the move. Rachel xx

  2. Once again you providing us good information. I'll be back later for some great reading..:)