Friday, 5 October 2012

Hair today, gone tomorrow..

Please excuse the non-outfit related post (although I am liking the coral/ blue /tan combo below) as today I am tackling an issue far more serious..

Do you have a fear? Something so terrifying that it keeps you awake at night? I do, and tomorrow I'm facing that fear. I'm getting a haircut.

It only takes one terrible haircut to develop a lifetime of hairdresser terror and sadly I've had a lot more than one shocker. Partially, I blame our crazy lifestyle that’s seen us skip through numerous addresses this year alone, it makes building the vital bonds needed for a great hairdresser/client relationship all but impossible. 

After 12 months in the UK, I finally found an amazing hairdresser (after countless nightmares) just before we were due to leave. I briefly considered holding out until we return home to Australia, where I can hopefully call upon personal recommendations (anyone know a great hairdresser in Canberra?), however, we have been invited to a Navy ball next weekend and there is no avoiding it, my dodgy home colouring efforts and split ends need the kind of help only a professional can offer.

top / MNG / belt / Target / jeans / Gap majorca blue ankle zip

So wish me luck as I go under the knife, err scissors, at 9:30am tomorrow morning… and stay posted for photos.

Do you have a fear of hairdressers? Tell me your worst haircut/colour ever..


  1. Belinda, Belinda as you well know I too have had the same many hair disasters! The number of times I have been made feel so very unfeminine due to a bad choice in haircuts and often listening to the "advice" of a hairdresser. My biggest stress leading up to your wedding was my damn hair! And as we speak we're running on the same line again. I am due to have my last haircut next week before bub is due. I'm very nervous and unsure what to do. Last time I saw my hairdresser she wouldn't do as I wished (I wanted a full colour) I let her do as suggested and it's really not bad just not what I wanted and I'm disappointed because she's normally so fantastic, really knows my hair and I leave feeling a million dollars. So this time I'm going back staunch in that she will remove any blonde! However my hair has got quite long and I'm very nervous about considering having a substantial chop and then regretting the decision ..... oh the stress of it all!

  2. With you both Bel and Megan, for every good haircut there has been a bad one. Worst hair cut is when you know it is bad. It everyone tells you it looks good, thank goodness I have a far too honest hubby that is painfully truthful, however it still took him a few days for one haircut to tell me my fringe looked like a mullet cut. Now I question anyone cutting my fringe. I lucky have found what I consider the best hairdresser I have ever had, Anglea from my mum's group - positive experience gives you such a lift. Hope your haircut went well. Ox Bec

  3. My worst haircut recently was before our wedding anniversary, and also before I got my passport renewed. So not only was the haircut horrible, but it will stay with me for 10 years, and I'll be reminded every time I go over seas. Almost enough reason to stay home next 10 years.

  4. Thanks girls.. those stories help! It was a DISASTER, the actual hairdresser was lovely, so I had confidence it was going to be OK, but no. I ended up with orange stripes so hideous that she had to start over again to try and fix them. I'm not sure about the cut as yet as I haven't washed and done it myself, it seems far more layered than I'd like. Bec, Jason keeps telling me it looks 'fine' ;-)