Monday, 3 September 2012

Vegas Baby!

So Vegas hey? It has to be one of the most famous, talked about cities in the world? My Vegas loving friend said ‘I have a feeling you might hate the place’.  Well I didn’t hate it, but to be honest, I just didn’t get it. 

Here’s the thing, there are some brilliant ‘Party’ cities in the world; New York, Barcelona, Rio (I’d imagine) which is exactly where I’d go if I wanted a fun holiday full of hustle and bustle. There are also some beautiful resorts (Thailand springs to mind) where I’d go if I wanted lots of sunshine and to sit by a swimming pool. So as a non-gambling (I save my pennies for shopping), too old for nightclubs kinda gal, I found it difficult to see an attraction through all the tackiness, the poker machines and the grotty underside; the crime, the rampant prostitution and drugs. 

Having said that, we still had a great time, especially spending time with my mum and dad, seeing them bond all over again with Max (after a year apart) warmed my heart. We ate some fantastic (albeit insanely unhealthy) food and drank some amazing cocktails.

Fremont St, Downtown Las Vegas
Fremont Street Experience

One of the highlights was Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas. Historically, this is where Vegas all began; it’s a street with more lights than Christmas and a cool, somewhat crazy, vibe.

How about fashion? Well remember that saying about ‘Less is more’? It usually refers to ladies who have a chic, simple, sophisticated style. In Vegas, the meaning is more literal. The casino’s don’t have dress codes; so it’s short shorts, singlet tops and thongs all the way. We actually saw a girl walking down the strip in a bikini at 11:30pm.  

top/ Gap / belt / Target / skirt / h & m

I loved this outfit;  including a new pink skirt from H & M. Total outfit cost (excluding my Birkenstocks) was under $40. I also loved the dry heat, my hair stayed straight and frizz free all day.
Paris Casino
Excalibur Casino
We had a night out (thanks Nanny Rose & Poppy) and hit Rio (a Casino) and the strip. I'm wearing a leopard print Oasis dress, which I hope captured the Vegas vibe without being too tacky. We didn't make it to a show, but checked out some of the free shows in and around the Casino's. A highlight? The showboats at Rio (see picture below).

dress / Oasis / shoes / Dune
Yup, that's a moving showboat, suspended on the ceiling.

So tell me have you been to Vegas? Did you love it or hate it?


  1. I LOVE Vegas!! The lights, noise, atmosphere & people watching was great!Just walking down the strip popping in and out of the casinos/hotel foyers was a highlight. Sadly for us it was insanely hot and humid which made the walking a bit uncomfortable. We plan to take a trip back kidfree, so we can enjoy more of the nightlife & shows :)

  2. I'm with you Bel. I don't get it either. Have been, seen it, done it, not worried if I never go back. Hope your parents are having a great trip! It must have been great to see them. Will you see them again before they leave? xo

  3. As tacky as it seems I do want to go there one day . I love your outfits, especially the leopard print dress.
    I ventured our to Westfield last week to buy some presents and had a quick look at the spring fashion...lots of bright colours and pastels. I'm looking forward to buying a few items soon ....might have to get guy to look after Alivia while I take myself off shopping. Michelle

    1. Great idea! I reckon some new spring clothes is just what you need right now xo

  4. You summed it up exactly for me Aroha!

    Mum and dad are in Memphis ATM. They're back here on Wednesday for a few weeks and we have a few more trips planned, so plenty of time yet till they leave :-)

  5. hahaha - yes I knew that would be the outcome. But have to say, it is one of those places you kinda need to know your way around. Otherwise, yes, it can be everything you said and more. But hey, it isn't for everyone. There are far more amazing pools in distant countries and well, a zillion places cleaner (doesn't take much!). I must say, as I am getting older, it is losing its party appeal. Heck, I can't stay past 9pm these days! Shame you didn't get to see a show. Some of the shows there are world class - depends on what is on/time of year too.

    Did you go to the outlets? There is a crazy one that is just ridiculous. Could spend a day there if not more! Bargains galore!!

    And the food - OMG! What about the buffets? Did you do the Bellagio one? Yes, not healthy, but sweet jesus, who cares!!

    So glad you got to enjoy your time with Rose and Tony. It would have been good to see a family after all this time xx

    Yours in complete tackiness xxx

  6. Vegas experience. It was too hot (in January) to venture outside much during the day, and driving down the Strip at night gave me headaches and nearly a seizure.At least I didn't lose any money, and I got to see the world's tackiest McDonald's. Who knows; I might go back one day.

    You are really pretty, and you look great in Birkenstocks! I'd love to see you wearing them with socks.