Monday, 17 September 2012

New York, New York

I'm a city girl through and through, so it’s no surprise really that I heart NY. I know plenty of people who love the mountains and clear, fresh air but give me a bustling, smog filled city any day…

The problem I have is that when I go to a big city it can be a bittersweet experience; I don’t want to be a camera wielding, comfortable shoe wearing tourist. I want to be a local, I want to be childless (sorry Max!), free of responsibilities (sorry Jason!), flawlessly stylish with perfectly highlighted hair and in an awful hurry to be somewhere awfully exciting.

doughnut plant / strawberry fields / shirt by topshop /view from the high line / birkenstocks /street art / bergdorf goodman / fifth avenue /brooklyn bridge / fashion walk of fame / view from rockerfeller

Having said that, of course we had a fab time in New York.  What an amazing city so full of contrasts. It feels like you could explore it for years and still find something new every single day.

The highlights? The High Line, an abandoned railway turned into an elevated inner city walkway, the ‘Top of the Rock’ observation deck, lunch in a Brooklyn deli followed by a stroll over the Brooklyn Bridge.

Fashion? It’s eclectic; from the polished Italian ladies with their perfectly coifed blonde bobs to the Lady Gaga-ish eccentrics, it’s an anything goes kind of city where no  particular style stands out.  

Shopping? Joe Fresh was well worth the cross city wild goose chase (you’ll agree when you see my new ballet flats), Topshop in Soho for a little bit of British and of course my US favourites Gap, Madewell and American Eagle Outfitters.

So, tell me, do you love the city like me or are you more at home in the countryside?


  1. Love your photo montage! I think even I would love NY!

  2. I am all for a bit of both! Nothing more relaxing than the countryside, yet love the hustle and buzz you get from the city:)
    So glad you had a great time in NYC. I really love the place too and will get back again!

  3. I am definately city girl like you however an occasional weekend in the city is good to take check & relax!

    I'm not one that likes revisiting places when there's still so much to see around the world, however there are two exceptions to that rule & could go each year & never tire - NYC & London.

    So glad you loved the High line - definately one of my favourite places there. And such a fabulous idea too! I also loved just wandering around various suburbs / boroughs & finding gems xx

  4. Wish I was there with you Bel and without my strings attached either - just for the day anyway - I loved Manhattan and yes, the city is my sanctuary. Bec