Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Home Sweet Home

We are home from Vegas today, after a quick stopover in Baltimore yesterday. It’s amazing how great it is to be home, especially considering our current home is only temporary and has only been home for 3 short weeks.. Max has spent the morning vegging in front of the TV (no judgement please!) and I've been catching up on some pottering, one of my all time favourite pastimes.

denim shirt / topshop / dress / fat face

Summer here in the US seems to be endless; every day the sun shines and we hit 30 plus temperatures. While it’s lovely, and reminds me of home on the Gold Coast, it is starting to pose quite a style challenge. Whilst contemplating my coffee this morning (in my new Las Vegas mug) I came up with this challenge to help stretch out those summer/spring time basics.
You've seen all these items before but my challenge for the next 5 days is to mix them up and wear them differently;

  • The printed pants 
  • The denim shirt 
  • The maxi skirt 
  • The coloured jeans 
  • The peplum top 

Stay tuned and wish me luck! 


  1. What - are you going to be like Princess Kate and *shock horror* wear the same item twice! Good luck!

  2. Sounds like a good morning and a well deserved small break. Looking forward to seeing a few different looks.