Monday, 13 August 2012

Wearing Stripes

Ahhhh stripes. I love them! 

Sadly, lots of ladies avoid horizontal stripes, my very favourite kind, in fear of their widening properties. So I was really excited when my husband told me about a recent study by Val Watham disputing the fact that horizontal stripes make you look wider. In fact, wearing horizontal stripes on your top half can actually help balance out a larger bottom half. Now, I’m no scientist, so if you’re interested in the facts behind these claims please check out the article here, or just check out this picture below which demonstrates the point perfectly;

Convinced yet? 

Here are some tips for wearing stripes;
  • As with all your clothes make sure your stripes are well cut and flattering. Keep your stripes loose over any lumps and bumps, skin tight stripes, on your top or bottom half are never going to look good.
  • Stripes are great for layering; break up a stripe top up with a blazer, cardigan or scarf.
  • Be bold and go for a print clash (see my blog here) and mix your stripes with a tonal floral or polka dot print.
  • If you are still a little frightened keep your eye out for a striped scarf, it will add a touch of Parisian cool to a plain shirt.

denim shirt by Topshop buy it here / stripe skirt by Banana Republic buy it here / tan wedges by Dune.

In an attempt to prove my point, I've been really brave today and am wearing my stripes on my hips. My skirt is from Banana Republic and is a fairly thick ponte knit fabric (similar to a thick jersey) which skims over my hips, rather than hug them.

What do you think? Horizontal stripes, love 'em or leave 'em?


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  2. Now your talking. I am a stripe fan :) My wardrobe is full of stripes. In the end I have to stop myself because I always gravitate towards them on the rack. Then whilst standing at the shop this little internal argument ensues about whether or not Melanie's wardrobe could have yet another striped item.

    I have never believed they make you look wider and your tips are spot on. In my striped history I have found tight doesn't work very well. It must skim over the lumps etc.

  3. Haha - just found out if you delete a post it tells everyone - I only did it because I mispelt a word. haha - busted!!!

    1. Mel, I have that same internal argument all the time!

  4. All for stripes. I only have a couple of stripped tops but would love to try a skirt like yours or even a stripped maxi dress in summer

  5. That last post was from me...Michelle

    1. A striped Maxi sounds great, or even a longer style striped tunic top with leggings works as well :-)

  6. I used to be scared of stripes but while I was pregnant that is all I could find in maternity wear. Unfortunately I now usually avoid them only because I got sick of wearing them all the time. I do have a couple of loose fitting horizontal striped tops in my wardrobe, I have found that with plain pants or skirt it does actually balance me out.
    So I agrees 100%!!!