Sunday, 12 August 2012

Printed Pants

So, I mentioned in my last post my impulsive, use up my last few British pounds purchase of printed pants. In truth, it was the third pair of printed pants I’ve made, the other two pairs were returned shortly after purchase. The advantage of buying something in a country you are moments away from permanently departing is that there can be no second guessing, these pants are keepers!

Printed pants / Zara

My reasons for returning the first two pairs of printed pants? Too pyjama-ish and too printed. These ones from Zara are a lovely print, it’s simple and goes well with navy or white. As for pyjama-ish? Well my husband has been chuckling under his breath all day whilst making comments about me forgetting to get dressed this morning. I’m choosing to ignore him because they’re so damn comfortable. I’ve worn them today with a simple navy singlet. Our airfreight from the UK has been delayed and my options were fairly limited, regardless, I think this works.

Two of my gorgeous Blue Belle readers were keen to point out they have long beaten me to the printed pant trend. I salute you both! Check out the lovely Megan & Andrea below.

Megan working printed pants with a simple jersey top and beads. Loving the sneakers!

Andrea’s peacock print pants were made and designed by Emma Milikins, check out her website here

What do you think of our printed pants looks?  Will you give them a go?


  1. Ah I will be giving printed pants a very wide berth. Honestly, you know me, you know my body shape and my legs. If I was to even attempt at putting them anywhere near me, I would have the local circus demanding their freak show come back.

    However, I do admire them on others. Especially yourself and the two wonderful models you have :) They look fantastic on you all!

    So thank you for making me think of them (albeit for a nano-second) but it would be a very clear no from my end.

    1. Oh Mel, you always give me a giggle. Agreed, this look is probably not for you. Console yourself that while I'm keeping my legs covered up with prints you can show yours off in tiny little short shorts :-)

  2. I love them because they are so comfortable and cool and easy to wear - I will be buying more for sure! I like yours Megan, and they do look good with your red top.
    By the way, sorry I didn't complete my look with some shoes!!!

  3. By the way my pants are from Target and my shoes are sparkly white Converse bought online from Authentics Online. I'm loving all the printed pants I see here in this blog!

  4. Ohh... Was wondering about those shoes Megan, I thought they were converse and they had a little sparkle. Very cool!

  5. You all look lovely in the printed pant, but I'm with Mel, I too will give them a wide berth - I just think they look ridiculous on me. Shame though I would love to be bold and step out in some, there are some stunning pairs around.

    Megan I especially liked your model shot with child in pi's to highlight that the printed pant should not be confused with the real thing x

  6. Haha...Kira.
    You know, I think you could pull them off, but maybe not loose floaty ones but more capri style fitted ones in a monochrome print with one of your lovely coloured tops :-)