Thursday, 2 August 2012

Navy Boy

Sometimes life gets in the way of fashion, shopping and style and that’s exactly how it should be. So I hope you don’t mind, but today I’m getting slightly off track.

About 7 years ago, I met a boy on a night out with friends, I was 26, he was almost 30. We started going out. I’d recently returned from 3 years in the UK and would tell him tales of my beloved London. He was obsessed with Everton, an English premier league team. He told me that in 2011 he hoped to travel to the UK to complete his Master’s degree. It became a dream for us, something we thought sounded amazing but were never sure would really happen.

Today I’m devoting my blog to that boy I used to dream with, my husband. We’ve had the most amazing year in this little English village, filled with fun, laughter, adventures and just a little bit of study. As we bid some sad farewells to the wonderful friends who we’ve come to love so much, I remind myself that we’ll always have each other and our beloved Max and that makes it all OK.

Oh and incidentally, today I’m wearing my favourite pale pink Gap jeans and Next tan flats and a fantastically practical black shirt, picked up from H&M for just £5.

Coming to you soon from Lake Garda, Italy xo


  1. Oh that's beautiful Bel. So happy for you guys and love to that Navy Boy Jason and the little man Max. Nothing better than a dream coming true xo.

  2. That is beautiful xx

    When everything in the world seems so scary it is so lovely to have a wonderful family to look at, hold and hug and know everything will be okay. And it always is. It is beautiful that you have had this opportunity and by the sounds of it, has made you so much stronger as a wee family. Can't ask for more.


  3. oh wow Bel that's lovely, all the best as you carry on your adventure and journey with the ones you love xx