Sunday, 26 August 2012

Let’s go to the Mall*

Ahhhh Shopping, what’s not to love right? But we all know that shopping can be a stressful experience and looking at unworn clothes hanging in your wardrobe can be downright annoying. So here are some fool proof tips to get the best from your shopping trip;

  • You know how people tell you to never go grocery shopping hungry? Well it’s the same with clothes shopping. Never shop when you are ‘I’m-going-out-in-3-hours-and- I-have-nothing-to-wear-and-I-MUST-find-something-amazing-NOW’ desperate. Sure, sometimes you find  a gem, but most of the time you end up with something  completely impractical which you’ll only ever wear once.  Chances are you already have something amazing in your wardrobe, spend your time there instead of rushing around the shops and save your pennies for a more relaxing shopping trip.

  • Shop alone or with a good (and stylish) friend. If taking children with you is unavoidable buy yourself some peace and quiet by making sure they have lots of snacks (the unhealthier the better), lots of toys, something electronic like an iPhone and set aside a few $$ for a new toy (I find a match box car works a treat). Bribery is key here, don’t be fooled, they are on to you and know you want to ignore them for an hour or two. (These tricks will work equally well should you need to take a husband/boyfriend but what works best is to leave them somewhere with beer and sport).

  • Shop for outfits, not separates. We’ve all fallen into the trap of buying a lovely new top only to come home and find it goes with nothing. Unless you are buying a dress, make sure your new purchase  will go (well) with at least one other item in your wardrobe, or else be prepared to buy a skirt, pants, shoes and accessories to go with it. Do not fall into the trap of thinking, I’ll just wear it with jeans.. boring.

top /Lauren Conrad for Kohls /pink jeans/ Gap/ tan flats/ Next

So as you can see, Jason, Max and I checked out Tysons Corner Centre in Vienna yesterday (just outside of Washington DC) and while I didn’t pick up any new threads, I  do have a shiny new iPhone  to show for my time, just perfect for future shopping trip distractions.

Do you have any fool proof tips for a successful shopping trip?

*Title inspiration for my fellow ‘How I met your Mother’ fans, thanks Robin Sparkle.


  1. I am the last minute shopper. My wardrobe is full of items still with tags on. I am that person who has a wardrobe full of things but have the mentality I must buy something new for any occasion, only a foolish man would stand in my way! I buy things without trying them on - mostly due to lack of time. I never buy outfits and yes, I am that person who has mostly separates ... oh boy ... it appears I am a shopping nightmare. Thanks for the tips. I must say I need them by the looks of it! arrrgghhh!!!!

  2. Right Mel. Here's a challenge for you, next time you go shopping, take a list of 3 items in your wardrobe with tags that you never wear and find something to make them wearable :-)

  3. Ooh good advice Bel. I am a last minute shopper on some occasions - usually when I'm looking for something new for an outing like birthday's, christmas etc. However I also do shop well on other occasions, often thinking back to what I already have at home and 'will this work with this / that' - sometimes Ive even put things back on the rack!

    Did you make it into Sephora? Heaven! Do they have Uniqlo nearby? I might need to buy some stuff online and deliver to you - as just love love love their jeans and their knits. xx

    1. No Uniqlo near us but we are in Vegas this week the NY a few weeks later. Otherwise I can let you know our address if you want to ship anything here :-)

  4. Fantastic idea! I am actually going to take a snap of them with my phone so I can visualise better when I am at the shops. I need all the help I can get. Thanks!!! xxx