Saturday, 11 August 2012

Jet lag

Yesterday we travelled from London to the USA, what a huge day we had. We were fortunate enough to travel with Virgin Atlantic in their ‘Upper Class’ service. We arrived at the airport in style and managed a quick Bloody Mary in the lounge before our flight (really it’s the only respectable drink at 10am?)

It doesn’t take a genius to work out what to wear when flying, especially on a long haul flight (ours was 8 hours). Loose comfortable layers are the way to go. My outfit comprised of my Gap zip leg jeans, a loose Gap navy & white stripe t-shirt, Country Road grey wool cardigan and a new polka dot hot pink scarf I picked up in Italy. I wore my silver Birkenstocks, knowing I’d swap them for some airplane socks when on board.

Ever the shopper, while Jason was finalising some last minute admin, Max and I popped out to the departure lounge to spend our last few pennies. I heard the lady in front of me gasp.. There’s a ZARA here?! So we followed dutifully behind her to the promised land. I have been coveting printed pants for a while now, but had been struggling to find the fit, style and print I liked. These literally cost me the spare change in my purse! I’m still deciding on how to wear them best, stay tuned.

printed pants / Zara 

I’ve been up since 2am this morning, Max since 4am so we could all be in for a long day.. We might have to check out our local 'Mall'.

Til next time xo

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