Wednesday, 15 August 2012

I ♥ Scarves

OK, I’ll admit, I’m lacking a little inspiration at the moment. We packed up our suitcases almost 3 weeks ago now and have been living out of them ever since. Our air freight from the UK has been delayed and a quick trip around the shops shows an abundance of autumn, when it’s 30+ degrees outside.

So what do you turn to when inspiration lacks? Accessorise..! I’ll confess, I love all accessories; statement necklaces, fun dangly earrings, colourful belts.. but today I thought I’d focus on my all time, all season favourite; the ever versatile, always amazing scarf.

There are so many reasons to love a scarf; they are reasonably inexpensive, they can jazz up a plain t-shirt like nobody’s business, and they come in every colour, weight and fabric you can imagine. Obviously scarves are great in winter, but lightweight scarves also jazz up a simple singlet top in summer as demonstrated below;

Pimkie snood, tripled

Pimkie snood, doubled

God Save the Queen; Handkerchief style

Mimco; Summer Scarf

The White Stuff; traditional knot

I’ll admit I’ve even formed an emotional attachment to many of my scarves. In the past year we’ve travelled quite a lot and I’ve developed a little habit of picking up a scarf wherever we go, they make a great souvenir, are lightweight and can be squeezed into the smallest crevice in an overstuffed suitcase. 

It started in Paris, after an hour spent shopping at Galleries Lafayette proved fruitless, I started to panic, surely I wouldn’t walk away from my first Parisian shopping trip empty handed? Indeed not, a lovely scarf (which I wore in this blog post) caught my eye and to this day it’s one of my favourites. To demonstrate further, of the four scarves I’m wearing above, the first was purchased in Verona (by Pimkie), the second is a very British God Save the Queen print from Dorothy Perkins and the third by Mimco is a treasured birthday gift from a friend who knows me very well. Viva la Scarf!

Confession time, do you have an obsession? What always catches your eye on a trip to the shops? 


  1. That Mimco scarf is a lovely colour and suits you perfectly. I was wearing my favourite scarf yesterday that I bought in Vietnam and it brings back happy memories, you are right, they are a great souvenir!

  2. My absolute favourite is number 3 - Mimco also! Have to agree with Andrea the colour looks lovely on you and so very summery. I'm only just moving into being more conscious of my choices on the fashion front (thanks to your blog) so I'm yet to develop an obsession for anything in particular. My husband would say handbags and shoes however I don't have a collection of them I'm very good at window shopping these items due to the cost... Will have to keep you posted on where my eye begins to wander when out on my next shopping trips.

  3. Love the scarves Bel, and glad to see the Mimco one suits so well. Must admit my scarves are a bit of a thing for me as it still very cold in Melbourne and get cold at work. I always struggle just how to wear each one with an outfit so thanks for the inspiration. Bec