Thursday, 23 August 2012

High School Green

I love nothing more than sitting down with a good fashion magazine, in the UK Grazia was a favourite (oh how I miss you Grazia). This week I picked up what seems to be the US alternative People StyleWatch and it's not too bad. While I did a rundown of ‘Spring’ colours last week, this magazine being in the Northern Hemisphere had some hot colours for Fall, one of which being ‘Hunter Green’.

hunter green

A very wise lady* told me two very important facts about wearing colour;
1.    Most people do not like wearing the colour of their school uniform.
2.    When all else fails, dress someone in their eye colour.

Excellent advice, unless of course like me, you have green eyes and wore a green uniform..

blue belle circa 1993

I love the idea of wearing green as it goes perfectly with my colourings, but I can count the number of green items I’ve owned or worn over the years on one hand. I’m not sure if I can attribute this to the five years spent in this Merrimac High School monstrosity (my mother also has a pathological dislike of green).

So will I be wearing Hunter Green? I think I’m going to give it a go. I am currently coveting this dress from Target in 'Hedge Green'. I think it could be worn for summer (with tan belt and flats) or in winter with black opaques, boots and a leather jacket. Other options would be darker green stripes for a more casual look with black denim or of course a green scarf.

'hedge green' dress by target $27.99

Tell me, do you dress in your eye colour?

And, did you hate your school uniform?

*Polly Holman, lecturer at London College of Fashion


  1. When I was younger I didn't like wearing green which may have had something to do with having to wear a green uniform. But since about my late 20's I have come to like green clothes and do have a number of items in various shades of green. I love the dress you have posted a picture of . Michelle

  2. And yes I do often dress in my eye colour, brown

  3. Love the dress Bel - buy it I say! By the way is that a little advertising I see to the right here??? Good job.