Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Hair, there, everywhere

You may have noticed something similar about all my daily photo’s, while my clothes change, my hair does not. A side part, a pony tail, a messy bun or pinned back in a clip, essentially a few variations of the same. Why? My hair is the bane of my existence, on a daily basis we tussle, we fight and sadly I usually loose.

Since moving to the US a few things have changed; on a positive note, the water isn’t as ridiculously hard as it was in the UK, however less exciting is the fact that my beloved salon strength Parlux hairdryer and GHD straightener do not work with the US power supply. So while I’ve picked up cheap substitutes (we are only here for 3 months) I’ve decided on the odd day to leave my hair au natural.

dress / h & m/ scarf / target / hair / au natural

For today’s blog I thought I’d share with you some of the products I use to help tame the wild beast, in the hope that you might share some of your tips with me! I’ve always loved John Freida Frizz Ease products in particular the Dream Curl spray & Curl Reviver Mousse , they both promote natural waves and curls without leaving your hair feeling stiff or ‘crunchy’. A few months ago I discovered the wonder that is Kerastase ELIXIR ULTIME, granted it isn’t cheap but it’s one of the few hair products I’ve spent (squandered?) money on over the years that actually delivers on its promises of shiny, more manageable hair.

john freida curl reviver mousse & dream curl spray /  kerastase elixir ultime 

So tell me, are you a slave to styling products? What are your secrets to keeping your tresses in top tip condition?


  1. Your hair looks nice in that photo. Must be in the genes as I have an out of control beast to tame as well! I still use the frizzease products as well, maybe I need to check out the kerastase one. My hair is actually perfectly compliant and lovely when it is straightened but I just don'thave time to do that every couple of days so mostly my hair wins :(

  2. Yep, mine is the same, when straightened it's fine, but I don't think it particularly suits me that way.. it tends to go flat and lifeless. Can't win :-(

  3. Well ladies while you're trying to the tame the beast - I on the other hand am fighting to give my body some beast (or body). Straight as an arrow and always tied back otherwise it looks glued to my head. The only product I can use is the old fashioned hairspray as everything else weighs it down. One extreme to the other it would seem. Does anyone out there love the hair they were blessed with? I wonder.

  4. My hair is fine and frizzy. Not a nice combination. I have decided to do whatever I can not to look mumsy. And for some reason - I ALWAYS think I look mumsy. I have just gone short and I love it. It means I can finger dry it, whack in some product of some sort and it looks kinda decent. Colour is a huge one too. A great colour can get away with nearly anything :) I think you look great but I would die without my dryer and GHD. Rachel x

  5. QLD is a cruel state for us frizzy haired ladies to live in! p.s you don't look mumsy at all!

  6. HA! All my outfit posts sport the same hair too!