Thursday, 9 August 2012

Gold, Silver, Bronze?

We’ve spent the past two days in London soaking up a little Olympic fever. Thankfully London is at its absolute finest; the sun is shining, the cab drivers are friendly and everything, it seems, is at its brightest most joyful best. We spent a large part of our day today hunting down statues of Wenlock and Mandeville, the official 2012 Olympic mascots, dressed in various guises and dotted around all the main tourist hubs. I'm not sure who enjoyed it more; the 3 year old or 37 year old.

Wenlock, the official Olympic mascot, dressed as a pirate. 

Dress by Oasis. 
I’m wearing another Oasis dress, today a navy shirt dress with gold buttons. I’m a little obsessed (or maybe a lot neurotic) with coordination and usually only wear silver or white gold, never yellow gold. This fits in with my favoured cool colour scheme and generally makes life easier. However, I made an exception with the errant gold buttons on this dress as I liked it so much and, as an added bonus it was on sale.

Look closely, he's a shopping Mandeville , found on South Molton St, Soho

Metallic’s such as gold, silver, pewter and bronze make great neutral accessories as they go with pretty much everything. A metallic bag and shoe combination is a great failsafe evening look. As a rule, it's best to stick to one basic metallic hue for your everyday jewellery be it gold or silver (or white or rose gold). However, if you’re dressing up for a special occasions your metallic pieces don’t always have to match. Try mixing things up by layering gold and silver necklaces, rings or bracelets together.

Are you winning the style Olympics? Do you dare mix your gold, silver & bronze?  

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