Thursday, 16 August 2012

Colours for Spring/Fall

Australia’s location in the Southern Hemisphere means that in theory we are always 6 months behind the fashion trends generated in the US and UK. However, sometimes this works to our advantage, because of our mild climate we can start trying out the Fall/Autumn trends during our Winter, long before the warm breezes and BBQ’s of Spring arrive.

Colour and trend forecasting is a huge business and companies such as Pantone invest large sums of money getting it right. So what will we be wearing for Spring 2012 (or Fall/Autumn for those in the Northern Hemisphere)?

In short* it’s all about;

What will I be wearing? Well it won’t be orange that’s for sure, there are very few colours that suit me less. At best, I might try some orange accessories such as a belt or bag. As for the rest? I like them a lot especially royal blue, teal green and deep magenta. Luckily, most of them already feature in my wardrobe so it will just be a matter of updating them for the new season. Stay posted for some upcoming looks incorporating these shades.

How about you? What colours are you coveting for Spring?

*Check out the Pantone website for full colour listings and associated fancy names.


  1. Well it just so happens the warm weather struck with a sudden vengeance here so this little pregnant lady took the liberty of a shopping spree whilst her husband is in town! You will be very impressed included in my shopping spree were 2 horizontal striped skirts (as discussed in your earlier blog this week, Lincoln mentioned that one of them made me look pencil thin) 1 long aztec patterned skirt and 5 plain singlets/shirts in various colours. Coral (that's close enough to orange surely), royal blue and teal! Yay for me, told you I'm learning lots from these blogs. Oh also an EXTREMELY cute maternity top in royal blue with white & pink spots - looks fabulous over my belly if I do say so myself.

  2. Oh... Sounds great Megan! The only thing missing was maybe a nice scarf ;-)