Monday, 9 July 2012

Who are your favourite Style Icons?

On rainy, lazy afternoons I can think of nothing better to do than flick through my beloved Grazia magazine and while we are saturated with images of beautiful women everyday, for me some just stand out as having an innate sense of style. Here are some of my very favourite stylish ladies.

My number 1 style icon without a doubt has to be Sarah Jessica Parker. I love her for so many reasons; she threw out the rule book, she said shoes & bag and belt don’t have to match, in fact it’s far better if they don’t. She made a plain white singlet and a pink tulle skirt look great. She isn’t a model, she isn’t traditionally beautiful and she isn’t 21 years old, yet she always looks amazing and she has the cutest 2 year old twin girls in the world. I could go on and on, but I won’t, I think you get the picture! She is a true fashion icon who changed the way we dress.

Not far behind her is Olivia Palermo. She is beautiful, she always looks perfectly polished, age appropriate and above all exquisitely stylish. You simply cannot fault her.

Jessica Alba has casual yet chic dressing down to a fine art. With two little girls and an amazing career she still manages to look cool and never verges on mumsy. It also helps that she is extraordinarily beautiful. If I didn’t love her so much I might just hate her a little bit.

Beyonce's little sister Solange Knowles in one very cool lady who wears colours and quirky so well. I love that she doesn't conform to traditional ideas of beauty and wears her hair in an afro. Not only is she a unique and interesting dresser but she seems like she’d be lots of fun to hang out with as well.

Who is missing from my list? Despite being a little obsessed with the royals of late, the Duchess of Cambridge didn’t make the cut, I find her choices a little safe, a little old and at times a little.. well... I'm sorry to say, boring. I think she dressed better before she became the Duchess of Cambridge and while I understand the pressure her new role must bring I still think she could mix it up a little.

So over to you, who is your favourite Style Icon?


  1. You are spot on about Jessica Alba. Definitely got the look happening whilst still keeping the mumsy look at bay. Hmmmmm seriously, I don't have a fav style icon - well there is actually one - she isn't really an fashion icon, but I always love the way Cameron Diaz dresses - not that I have seen her in the press of late. She is a lady that knows how to dress her body. There are plenty of others but most of them have stylists these days, so really it should be the stylists that get recognition ... the celebs just wear it. Wish I could have a stylist! Don't we all!!

  2. Just thought about that .... why on earth did I say Cameron? She isn't at all a fashion icon ... oh boy, this is why you have a fashion blog and I don't ... lol :)

  3. Hmmm, agreed hard to know if they have a well paid stylist lurking in the background. Apparently Kate doesn't, but maybe she should ;-)

    Someone doesn't have to be a traditional style icon for you to love them, Cameron is a very sporty lady with a sporty figure so that is probably why you like the way she dresses. Lots of people love Jennifer Aniston for the same reasons, although I've always found her dress sense a little safe :-)

  4. I'm wracking my brain to think who my style icons might be... I think that might be why I'm a bit lost in the world of style! I do like the look of Solange Knowles though, she does look cool. How about my sister - she is my style icon ;)

  5. Awww thanks Sis. I think you've made a good point, Style Icon's don't have to be celebrities, I quite often spot a lady with enviable style at the Supermarket or on the train.. ;-)