Monday, 23 July 2012

Wearing black

So my lovely sister pointed out to me recently that I don’t often wear black. It’s true, I don’t and there are a few reasons for this;

1. Here in the UK it is ‘supposed’ to be summer, so while jeans and cardigans are necessary most of the time, I’ve been trying to stick to summery colours to stop myself from falling into a Seasonal Affective Disorder slump. I do wear more black in winter, I think we all do.

2. I own a lot of Navy and therefore, a lot of what I wear needs to ‘go’ with Navy, so Navy is my black you could say.

3. I’m not a huge fan of black & colour combinations. I like black with white, black with caramel and at a push black with denim. Black and royal blue is growing on me (see my outfit at the Garden Party). Black and red, for example, makes me want to cry, same goes for black and pink. Claiming black ‘goes with everything’ is an excuse to be lazy with colour coordination.

4. My mum doesn’t own a single piece of black clothing and never has.. Maybe it’s genetic!

Wearing black

Having said all that, I think there is a place for black in every woman’s wardrobe. I like black for evening wear, it’s a dramatic colour and for formal occasions it looks amazing. Black jeans are the very best to slim your thighs and I absolutely love ‘monochrome’ combinations of black and white. What I don’t think we should do it shun colour in our everyday wardrobes in the hope that black will be more slimming, sophisticated or stylish as this isn’t always the case.

So, I suspect that many of you have wardrobes bursting to the seams with black buys?

Will you give colour a go?

Warehouse leather dress
$55 -

Vionnet suede heels

Dorothy Perkins black clutch

Miso spike earrings
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  1. I am definitely like you Bel. Not many black items in my wardrobe. I could list them - 1 pair black skinny jeans, 1 black cardigan, 1 black singlet (possibly 2 - living on the edge!) 1 black tee .... oh and I did just buy a pair online of black linen pants. I got them, now don't like them and haven't worn them. I am not a fan of black at all. I think I stay well clear of it because it just doesn't go with my skin tone (hahaha never thought I would be discussing my skin tone!). The only time I feel comfortable in black is if I have sunned myself silly and have a decent tan to offset the harshness of it. I am not a fan of white skin and black clothes. Looks insipid, gothic like. Not the look I go for.

  2. So of course I wear a lot of black, but maybe that is because it is winter at the moment, probably wear it less in summer. What is wrong with red and black???? One of my favourite combinations - I wore a black and red combo yesterday and a few people made nice comments! Apparently they are scorpios two colours, so I always think I am a typical scorpio when I wear them!

  3. Wow you've hit the nail on the head with me on this one Bel. Love, love, loved a vibrant wardrobe but it's amazing what a little low self esteem can do to your wardrobe. You've got me on a mission/promise to myself - get some colours back in there immediately. I have to say thank you for this blog gave me a little wake up call xo.

  4. Thanks Meg! You always look great, but I can imagine with a lot going on at the moment it's hard to focus on fashion. Let me know how you go! xo

  5. I am definitely guilting of defaulting to black and being in Melb it is easy to do as everyone else does it. To the level that when I fly home my parents know which one is my flight by the dress code of the crowd I am with. I think colour does give you an extra boost. Enjoying reading about what colours would give me that lift.