Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Supermarket Style

One of my favourite Australian fashion blogs is Life.Styled by Paula Joye, a fantastically stylish lady who mixes 'high street' with designer to perfection. In a recent post (see it here) she was wearing a top bought from Coles supermarket.. When I left Australia in August last year supermarkets sold food, not fashion. How things change in a year!

As my UK readers will attest to, here in the UK clothes are big business for supermarkets. Each of the major chains has their own range of clothes; Asda has George, Tesco F&F and Sainsbury’s has TU. A little like Target & Kmart in Australia, they are great for cut price staples and the occasional designer collaboration. Fashion favourite Gok, is currently designing for Sainsburys.

So today when I went to my local Tesco’s, which is incidentally so large you can probably see if from the moon, I decided to have a quick flick through the racks. Being we are moving countries in 3 short weeks, I should be concentrating on downsizing my wardrobe, not buying more, but ever the shopper, this cute green crepe blazer caught my eye and at £22 I decided it was too good to pass up.

Green blazer F&F at Tesco's, buy it here, stripe top Esprit, buy it here, Jeans from Gap, Tan flats Next, Cute little boy.. not for sale

There are many things I will miss about a trip to the supermarket in the UK; the clothes being one, the extensive range of wine being another, but what I won’t miss is having to pack my own bags while the moody check out chick watches on.

So, do you like a new top with your milk and bread?

Have you checked out Mix for Coles? What is your verdict?


  1. I remember seeing ads on the tv for Coles selling clothes but none of the ones I shop at stock them - must be the big ones like the Pines I guess. Not being a shopper I haven't bothered to check them out. I do like that green blazer though!

    1. Who knows, in 3 years it may be yours ;-)

  2. Yes, we have a Coles at Nerang! Eat your heart out! Us Nerangatangs can keep up with the Jones' don't you worry! Bel, they actually have 'some' okay clothes. Very mumsy as you would say. Basic, yes. Great for the budget conscious. I have to confess to buying a top there once and ... do you know what? ... as I sit here now typing this, I can't for the life of me remember where I put it ... I know I did buy it ... so, with that said, pretty much sums up how important it was to me. Just a top. Nothing too special. Just like Mix for Coles.

  3. Ohh.. Mel, that's a shame. I'll be honest, that green blazer was one of only a few supermarket buys here, but I'm putting that down to the fact that 1) I usually do my supermarket shopping with Max who is a hindrance to good shopping 2)There are so many great shops here I like to save my pennies for them. Still it's a great jacket so I'm happy and maybe Mix will improve? In the meantime you still have Target :-)

  4. Have to agree with Mel. I had high hopes for Mix at Coles, but I was really unimpressed. I didn't buy anything. The quality didn't seem to be there at all plus no where to try anything on...prettty ordinary I thought.