Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Sunshine and a yellow skirt

So, I feel like I’ve been a bit tough on you lately with all this talk of mumsy dressing, uniforms and too much black.. Finally the sun is shining here in the UK after a grim few months of grey skies and rain, so today I’m all sunshine and light in the happiest colour of them all, yellow.

Skirt & top by Monsoon

Yellow is a colour I don’t wear as a rule, mainly because it sits on the ‘warm’ side of the colour wheel and therefore doesn’t tone with my other wardrobe staples. I saw this skirt in the summer sales and something about it seemed fun. It definitely needs toning down to avoid looking like a crazy hippie, so today I decided to wear it with plain white top and tan belt.

Sometimes we all need to throw out the rule book and have some fun with fashion.

What do you think?


  1. I love that skirt and it looks gorgeous with the tan belt. Rachel x

  2. I love it too, and I love yellow as it is such a happy colour (although i don't really wear it either). If that skirt ever makes it to the 'hand-me-down' bag, I know a crazy hippy who would love to accessorise it with some big beaded hoopy Indian earrings :)

  3. Thanks Rachel! I think summer here in the UK just about compares to where you are in winter ;-)

  4. I love the skirt - not only the colour but also the paisley print, have always enjoyed a good paisley print fabric. Funnily enough though I don't have a single item in my wardrobe (perhaps a pair of undies) that are paisley printed, deep down I must've decided along the way I can't carry it off. Bel the entire outfit looks lovely on you. Hope the sunshine continues!

  5. I love a paisley print as well, I have another top from Zara that hasn't made it to the blog yet. I think because it's not as 'girle' as floral. Maybe I'll keep my eye out for Paisley undies.. haha :-)