Monday, 2 July 2012

The Purple Ball

Saturday night was the Purple Ball at the Defence Academy for 1200 Army, Navy & Air force personnel and their partners and friends. What an amazing night, dodgem cars, show girls and a performance by the Military Wives Choir. The English sure know how to throw a good party!

As the last and biggest official function of the year, we were told to save our best dress for this night and while I had a few lovely full length dresses in my cupboard, nothing felt quite right. I initially ordered a dress on the internet but it was a complete disaster. The internet can be a great option for evening dresses, I have a beautiful Navy dress purchased for a previous ball from the Light in the Box which is a fantastic website that allows you to customise the size and colour of your dress for a great price. Just do your research thoroughly before going for this option and beware of the less salubrious websites about.

Buying an evening dress is always tricky; it’s something you don’t wear very often so cost per wear is never going to be great. I would normally stick to a classic colour like Navy or Black but since this was a summer ball I was looking for something different. After Ascot, the Garden Party and Trooping of the Colour I was feeling a little worn out from dressing up and trying to get my outfits just right. In the end I found this dress at an outlet store for just £35. It looked a little sad and unloved on the rack, but I loved the colour and saw potential.

Dress by Coast (outlet), they have a sale on now, check it out here. 
Despite having the dress sorted, I was still agonising over my outfit when my husband gave me some wise advice; ‘You are going to the ball to have a great night with your friends, you will look beautiful so stop worrying’. He’s an intelligent man (who incidentally looks great in a dinner suit) and it got me thinking. I did a have great time, wearing a cut price gown and well-worn accessories. Although I love fashion and I love looking good, it’s very important to never let that get in the way of how you feel on the inside. Feeling happy and having fun is always more important. 

A big thank you to our wonderful friends who made the night so special!

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  1. Wise words! Despite the worry prior to the night, you looked fabulous and it was a very fun night indeed.