Friday, 6 July 2012

Prints and a Peplum

Happy Friday!

The peplum is a HUGE trend for the coming season and it’s easy to see why. By flaring at the waist they disguise any problem areas (living the good life in the UK tummy!) while the fitted top half gives shape and structure.

This one is from Dorothy Perkins and I am just a little bit in love with the pink and blue Swan print. You can buy it here.

Pale pink jeans from Gap are a nice change from standard blue denim. I’m sticking to my favourite cool tones as discussed in yesterday’s post and keeping accessories to a minimum to let the print be the star of the show.

It seems like everyone is talking about the Peplum today, check out this feature on ASOS as well as 10 Peplum dresses for £20 over at the Fashion Detective.

What do you think? Is the Peplum for you?


  1. Okay I have to say this but I am not sure the peplum is for everyone - myself included. I think some shapes just don't suit it. For example, I have HUGE hips - like over-the-top child bearing hips and my top half is just the opposite. For me, yes the peplum would accentuate my waist and top half but boy, it would just make my hips look even bigger (if that is possible!). Would you say the peplum is for certain shapes? My theory over the years has been to not buy anything that flares out at the hips for this reason ... the peplum would definitely challenge my theory. So I suppose with that said, might give it a go when out shopping next!

  2. I think the theory is that they are flattering as they emphasis a small waist and in the process stop people noticing your hips.
    This article explains it better;
    While I'm all for sticking to what works, I also think we should all try something new once in awhile. Stay away from stiff material and make sure it doesn't end at the widest part of your hips!

  3. You and your Dorothy Perkins will be what finally gets my credit card and debit card revoked for good!! I think I would like that I actually have a waist again and not just a spare tyre!

  4. It comes in a pale pink as well with a different print :-)

  5. OOh I rather like this look, and may need to go in search if it does what it says.

  6. Kira, this style is perfect for you!