Friday, 13 July 2012

Print Clash

A few years, back print clashing was at best a sign that you’d slept in and grabbed the first two items of clothing you’d laid your bleary eyes on, or at worst showed your glaring lack of coordination. Fast forward to 2012 and things have changed. Print clashing is all the go.

Here are some tricks to get it right;
  • Match your tones; keep all your clashing prints tonal. If one item is multi-coloured match just a few key colours in your second print.
  • Match your scale; big prints with big prints, small prints with small prints.

A great way to see if this look is for you would be to try a stripe top with a spotty or floral scarf of the same shade.

Cardigan from Oasis, stripe t-shirt Esprit, Jeans Levi's & my favourite Clarks shiny brogues

Today I’ve mixed a stripe t-shirt with a floral cardigan, it’s not quite cutting edge but sometimes that’s the best way to try out a trend. Maybe next time I’ll be braver and try a full body mix up!

Will you give it a go?

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