Thursday, 19 July 2012

London: My day in pictures

In two short weeks our amazing UK adventure comes to an end, so today I headed up to London for a last minute love-in with my favourite city in the world. 

My love affair with London began back in 2001 when I arrived in the capital as a naive and nervous 23 year old. Eleven years later, nowhere else has captured my heart in quite the same way. 

Here are some photos of my day;

Sequinned Ugg boots. Australia has a lot to answer for.

Who says cities can't be beautiful?


Look closely, they are London print clothes.. 

What an amazing shop, they have a 'Hall of Scarf's'!

Some people go to church, some people go to to Topshop

I shopped, I 'people watched', I ate and I may have even had a sneaky glass of wine. The ladies of London are certainly a stylish lot, my favourite look; a flowing maxi skirt teamed with a blazer. Given my extensive collection of both of these items, it's a look I may have to  try. Stay tuned!

So, tell me, where is your favourite place in the world?


  1. Aaaaahhhh memories. Thanks for putting an early morning smile and a little nostalgia into what is about to be one of those "big event days" in ones life. As of today I have a new obsession - the fashions of interior decorating - to be honest I've had this obsession for the last 2 weeks and have already started a scrap book of ideas!

  2. So many - um - I must admit I lurvvvved the French Riviera. That place was just uh-mazing. I loved Paris. The buildings, the style, the everything. Oh and New York. That place is just insane. The people make that place, just crazy. Plenty more, just have too much housework to do, as opposed to sitting here reminiscing... lol

  3. Favourite place in the world? Tough ask. "home" is my favourite! :P Lots of fantastic places to see, visit, etc. but always feels the best to come home. I loved Atlanta, because I knew it, it was "my" town. I haven't spent long enough in any other city to make it my favourite? But if I had to pick one (not to live in, but just to love) it would be Rome. We spent the most time there and it is an awesome place.

  4. Well, favourite place for me has to be India, no surprises there! The smells of incense and the flavours and excitement of eating all that food and sipping chai and watching the incredible number of people passing by - thats what I love. I was thinking though, which is my favourite city? I also loved Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam - also all about the food.

  5. Like you mine is most definitely London. And New York would be second on the list. But London feels like home and I just love everything about it, especially when the sun is shinning.