Thursday, 12 July 2012

Legs Eleven

My friend Melanie has incredible legs. They are long, slim and always tanned to perfection. I‘d be happy with just a few inches of her amazing legs! I, very sadly, have awful legs, my calves are chunky and my thighs would not look out of place on the back row of the Broncos. Melanie wears short shorts and looks fabulous. I wear maxi skirts!

Maxi skirts and maxi dresses really came into their own a few years ago, before that they were strictly the domain of hippies and came in various shades of tie dye. They are a wardrobe staple of mine and as soon as I slip into one I just feel like 'me'. Having said that, they are not for everyone; petite girls can be swamped by their volume and the super tall (that's you Melanie) may struggle to get the length correct. 

Maxi skirt by Warehouse, it's on sale buy it here

Dressing to show off your best features is smart dressing. Rarely am I out of my maxi's during summer while winter is my best friend as I can disguise my legs in dark jeans and long boots. My favourite bits? Well surprisingly I have very slim ankles so cropped jeans are fine and I have a slender torso and shoulders which I am happy for the world to see.

Learning what to cover and what to show to the world is an important lesson in style. Have you mastered it yet?

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