Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Hot Pink Jeans

A parcel arrived in the mail today from Gap. Inside was one very bright pair of hot pink jeans. I was just commenting yesterday in my Best of British blog about how the English dress far brighter and louder than Australians and low and behold, less than 12 months here and it seems I’m converted.
If my jeans take your fancy buy them here

My reasoning behind the purchase was that I have a similar pair in a lighter more subtle shade and find them comfortable and flattering. Hot pink was the only other colour they came in and at 25% off I decided they were a good buy. I’ve toned them down with a navy and white stripe t-shirt and grey cardigan, both old favourites from Australia.

What do you think? Are you jumping on the ‘coloured jean’ bandwagon?


  1. Funny you should ask - I have been noticing them about everywhere, and in that other blog I linked you to (Kelle Hampton) she is often wearing some bright green ones and I love that colour. Over here the shops have pastel ones now, coming out for summer I guess. Also, funny that you observe the English dress so colourfully - times have changed. Many years ago when I arrived there from India in my colourful gear I looked around at a sea of blue jeans and white shirts - it looked like everyone was wearing the same uniform. I like your pink jeans, you are brave to buy jeans online - how did you know they'd fit?

  2. I have quite a few pairs of Gap jeans, they seem to be the best fit for me. I think green jeans would be fantastic on you.. Stay tuned for the first of my colour blogs coming up soon!

    Things were certainly darker here in winter but in summer, they really do go crazy for colour and prints. It may be because many of the trends and fashions start on this side of the globe and are translated more subtly in Australia.

  3. Yes! I have! But so far no luck. See, these legs of mine constantly challenge the length of any pair of jeans ... so that is where Top Shop came into play! They of course have a 'tall' section. I ordered a Watermelon pair and a pastel looking green pair. They arrived, I was bouncing off the walls in excitement to finally have a pair that when down to my ankle! ... BUT, they didn't fit. The length was magnificent, however, the rest was a little too Glad Wrappy for my liking ...seeing every lump and bump I have along with the infamous ... ahem ... camel toe wasn't the look I was going for. So the wrong fit. It then cost me a lovely $50 to return back to good ol' UK. So in the end a costly exercise. However, it definitely hasn't deterred these legs and I am on a mission to get me a pair I tell you!

  4. Ohh... Topshop jeans are scary, I tried a lilac pair on in the sales the other day and found them to be exactly as you described. I don't have great thighs at the best of times but those jeans made them look like chubby purple sausages.. All the best in your search :-)

  5. Personally I'm a fan of Uniqlo jeans & bought a blue & a red pair when I was over there. Can't wait to wear them back in the Melbourne winter.

  6. I'll definitely be checking them out when I'm in London next!