Saturday, 7 July 2012

Dressing like a mummy

There’s been a bit of a furore in the UK press about Kate Moss’s comment that she would never dress like a wife (read about it here). This has gotten me thinking about the idea of dressing like a mum. We’ve all seen them at the supermarket and the playground, attractive ladies in a drab uniform of jersey tops and jeans. Granted, everyone has had days as a mum when just getting out of the house is an effort but I can’t help but wonder if we are expected to forget about style and fashion when we have babies? Is it considered selfish to worry about yourself instead of focussing on your child?

Do you dress like a mum?

I’ve never been a particularly wild dresser so I don’t think things have changed a lot for me since the birth of my son. From a practical point of view, I think jeans feature a lot more than they used to as jumping around at a play centre in a skirt, dress or even worse, stilettos is just plain silly (unless you want to flash your knickers to a bunch of toddlers.). Having said that though, I do make a concerted effort not to dress too mumsy for two reasons;

1) Mumsy dressing is not stylish and not fun

2) While I love my little boy with all my heart, there is more to me than being a mum and I like to remind myself of that by dressing in a way that reflects my individuality and makes me feel good about myself.

So over to you..

Has your dress sense changed since having babies?


  1. I am with you 100% with reason number 2. I am Mel before I am mum. But each one is now intwined in the other - all for the better of course!

    And with that said, my body has changed since becoming a mum Therefore, my wardrobe has had to be readjusted to 'adapt' ie. covering mummy tummy etc. But I think it has been an age adjustment too. I am not in my 20's anymore. I constantly struggle with this in many a change room. Do I look too old for this? What the heck am I doing in this store that caters for nightclubbers? Is this appropriate for a 34yo with three children? So I suppose it has been a combination of the two:

    1. I am a mother of three gorgeous boys and;

    2. I am now 34 (ok almost 35!) ... so things do change. My body for one.

    The battle in the change room has changed. From wanting to show as much leg as I can to now debating with myself about "is that too much?" knowing all of the above ... my answer in short - combination of the two - age mixed with being a mum. A debate I am so happy and over the moon to have each and every time.

  2. I tend to do the capris and top thing, which yes, I think is mumsy. But I have been trying to put in a bit more effort lately with leggings, tunics, (trendier) jeans, etc. I miss having you to go shopping with tho! I could use a hand once in a while! Not sure I want to touch the whole "Dressing like a wife" comment, not even with a 10 foot pole. "I do [lose track of things]. Things go missing. I'm like, 'Where's that? Is it in the country, is it in London, is it in storage?' said Kate. Gosh it's a tough life!

  3. Mel, I think you are spot on..(maybe you need a blog yourself!) I think age plays a bit part in it as well as well as a lack of suitable clothes for 30 something's!
    Please don't think I'm being critical of the way mums dress, it's a tough game but I think there are benefits to making an effort :-)

  4. Good question Bel, I have home wear and then out wear as Ollie still gets my clothes dirty at home - all sorts of ways. So I like changing before I head out. It makes you feel like you a bit more. However not sure what I would wear would be classified as fashionable. But I try. You know Melb attire - shades of black.