Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Do you have a Uniform?

So when I got dressed today, it occurred to me that like many of you I’m sure, I have a uniform. For me it’s straight leg jeans, stripe top, a long line cardigan.. maybe some jewellery or a scarf if I’m going somewhere special. 

Raining in England? Surely not!

There are Pro’s & Con’s of having a uniform;


- It’s quick and easy to get dressed in the morning, especially handy for those of us with little ones.

- It’s a safe option, you never feel OTT or uncomfortable.

- If your ‘uniform’ suits your body shape then you always look good.


- If your uniform is unflattering and does not suit your body shape or colourings, you are dressing badly every single day. 

- It’s boring!

Tips for getting out of a ‘uniform’ rut

- Try bringing in different colours and different colour combinations to your standard look. The new explosion in coloured jeans is an easy way to achieve this. Try spots or florals instead of stripes, a maxi skirt instead of jeans or a shirt or blouse instead of a jersey top.

- Have at least one day a week where you are uniform free, go crazy.. Wear a dress, wear a skirt, wear a technicolor dream coat if you like!

- For those days when your uniform is a must (slept in, running late, washing pile so large it’s got its own postcode) utilize accessories; a scarf, statement necklace or earrings can turn your uniform from drab to fab.

So, do you have a uniform? Tomorrow, I’m going to try and mix it up.. Will you?


  1. I am guessing the umbrella is also part of the standard UK 'uniform' :p

  2. Capris and a flowy or loose/baggy top tends to be my uniform. And in winter, jeans, flats & cardi, more often than not a scarf, are now standard. bor-ing.

  3. I wear jeans and t-shirt and cardy in winter and skirt and singlet in summer. It does feel really good to break the mould though - I have bought some winter dresses that I wear with stockings or tights and instantly feel more dressy. Its part of the reason I enjoy going to work because I do make more of an effort!

  4. My uniform has shiny badges and medals, mine also pays for yours...