Thursday, 26 July 2012

Breaking the rules!

You may have noticed that I set quite a few rules for myself when it comes to clothes; always cool tones, leg covering, lots of navy blue, very little black, I could go on.. I do this because I’m fairly neurotic in general but also because I don’t like to buy clothes that I don’t wear. If I stick to my rules, I’m usually good to go. Since I began this blog and started following other blogs, I’ve decided it’s time to stop being so tough. I came across a new and amazing blog just this week Gabifresh (check it out here) and she in all her fabulousness has inspired me. So this week, we’ve had a yellow skirt and now.. wait for it friends… a short red dress! 

Dress by Oasis

Red is not one of my colours, while your standard fire engine red is considered neither warm nor cool, I’ve always felt it’s a colour that overpowers me. This dress however is a great shape for me, really comfortable, not overly floral or cutesy and I think a great addition to my wardrobe (although maybe just 2 inches longer would have been better..!). While today the sun is shining brightly, I can see it working just as well in winter with opaque tights and a black cardigan.

What rules do you have when it comes to fashion?


  1. Clearly I break all the rules!!! But I love the biggest contradiction of all today Belinda, in your last sentence - that you would wear your RED dress in winter with a BLACK cardigan - I rest my case!!!!! Seriously, I love the dress, another one that I would graciously accept if it ever makes it to the hand-me-down pile!!!!!

  2. Well you can just shut up now ;-)

  3. Haha nice spotting Andrea! I have to say I think the dress suits you wrong colour or not, its lovely.

  4. Whoa! I needed some glasses to tone down the glare from those white UK legs!! ;) Love the fact that you are getting them out there and showing the world those pins! Good on ya love xx

    I think the rules need to be broken, more times than most. Just a matter of making a conscious effort to do so. Which I suck at. Get stuck in the rut all too often. However, once again you have inspired me and I must now go and find me a dress! Note: I am a little apprehensive though, as the last dress I purchased with a lady who shall remain unnamed, cost more than a weeks worth of food shopping. lol


  5. Mel, those legs had 2 coats of fake tan on them before I let them loose.. Imagine if I hadn't??!
    Oh and that dress was amazing, worth every cent ;-)

  6. hahaha you have made me laugh - don't worry - if it makes you feel any better mine look exactly the same!