Thursday, 21 June 2012

Not a ‘Shoe Girl’

I love Carrie Bradshaw with all my heart, but sadly I don’t share her passion for shoes. I love clothes, I love accessories (maybe sometimes a little too much!), but when it comes to my feet, less is more, simple is better. As a lover of clothes and fashion, it’s often assumed I’m equally passionate about shoes, sadly this is not the case, so I’ve put some thought into why. Firstly, I have big feet, size 7.5 UK, 9.5 in Australia (sometimes I’ve been known to fit a 10), I’m 5’6’ so proportionally my feet are huge and therefore not something I’m keen to drawn additional attention too. Secondly, quite possibly because I’m always trying to squeeze them into the wrong size, I find glamorous shoes painful. The more intricate and beautiful the design the more excruciating they are sure to be (case in point being the beautiful but oh so painful polka dot shoes I'm wearing in my profile picture). Heels make my back ache, straps rub, toes pinch. I look at beautiful shoes and I want to cry. So for me, it’s all about comfort and since being in the UK I’ve discovered the wonders of Clarks ( They're comfortable and cool. Check out my new metallic brogues, Carrie, you can have your Manolo Blahnik, I’m in LOVE.

Love them too? They're on sale at the moment at Clarks

So, are you a shoe girl? 

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