Thursday, 25 August 2011

Wales, Hampton Court Palace and a new house

Since my first post, we have had lots more adventures; we have moved into our new home (more about that later) been to Cardiff to visit our friend Kasey and had excursions to Bath, Oxford and Hampton Court Palace.

In the three years I lived in London, I never made it to Cardiff, so when we heard our dear friend Kasey would be there it seemed like a great opportunity to escape our hotel (which had become a prison of sorts) and head west. What a bizarre language the Welsh speak! We had a very entertaining drive reading all the funny road signs and after months of making no sense of Max’s babble Jason and I are now convinced he speaks Welsh. I had a great time exploring the shops in Cardiff (so much better than Swindon) and bought a cute new picture for our wall (you can check out the artist Steve John at: Later on while Jason and Kasey headed to the Socceroos game, Max and I went to Hungry Jacks in the mall for dinner.  However, we were a little spooked by all the news of rioting, so after hearing a siren we got scared and legged it back to our hotel.

So far we are not shivering in Shrivenham, in fact, it’s probably a little warmer here than it was when we left Australia, especially at night. I do keep reminding myself that this is summer though.

We moved into our place over a week ago now and I spent the first 24 hours in panic mode. Let’s get something straight, this is without a doubt the ugliest house I have ever lived in. Green carpet, burgundy curtains and a brown leather lounge were never meant to grace the same room, but thankfully, a few weeks later (and a few trips to Ikea) I am coming to terms with it all. In fact, just the other day I caught myself relaxing in my royal blue carpeted bedroom with blue daisy print curtains thinking, this room has just got SO much character.

Yesterday we had an excursion with the other Aussie families to Hampton Court Palace. I was convinced I had been before, but I must have been thinking of another palace (let’s face it, there are tonnes of them here). Unfortunately a lot of the sights weren’t stroller friendly, so after checking out the beautiful gardens and the world’s oldest maze, we had lunch and a few lovely ciders in the sun and took a walk through Bushy Park where we were amazed by the wild deer.

Byddwn yn colli chi ac rydym yn caru chi!

Till next time…  xxoo

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