Friday, 12 August 2011

Day 1

Well technically I think it might be about day 3 and by the time this is finished and published, it’ll quite possibly be day 5 (it is in fact Day 7!). Out trip started about 7pm on the 5th. After some very difficult goodbyes, Max, Jason and I jumped on a bus to Brisbane International Airport. After a quick trip we arrived with hours to spare and despite having sworn that the Phenergan was for ‘emergency’ use only, within minutes of getting into the SilverKris lounge (the equivalent of Qantas Club for those not in the know) we decided it was time for Max to sleep (in fairness, it was nearing 9pm). I think I walked around 5 kms up and down the deserted gates, before finally giving up and handing him over to Jason, who had him asleep within about 5 mins. We then finally relaxed after a stressful and emotional few weeks with a nice glass of wine!
The first leg of the flight from Brisbane to Singapore was great, it was a lovely modern plane with plenty of space for us all, Max was asleep when we boarded and stayed that way until about 1 ½ before we landed. We were lulled into a false sense of security. This was too easy!
After disembarking we spent 3 hours in Singapore airport, again in the SilverKris lounge (red papaya for breakfast Andrea, yum).  It was Max’s birthday by this stage so I took him for a walk, found a great indoor playground and bought him a Dora camera.  Despite all the fun, he was getting a little hyped up and crazy, so I handed him over to Jason and had a blissful shower, utilizing the fantastic facilities in the lounge, oh how lovely! The second leg boarded and initially all was going well, however the seating configuration wasn’t  great as two of our seats were separated in the middle which meant that in order to access the other side of the plane (and our other seats) we had to take a detour through economy (oh my goodness, it was just awful!). Max slept for about two hours but once he woke up the next 7 hours were torture!  He was hyper, he was bored, he was running randomly through first class… finally with about 3 hours to go he fell into an exhausted sleep and stayed that way right through disembarking, immigration, customs, baggage reclaim until he reluctantly woke up for the drive down to Swindon.
The story of our first day wouldn’t be complete without a nod to the angel of immigration, who plucked us randomly out of the crowd of thousands to ‘fast-track’ through to passport control. Random immigration lady, if I knew your name I would name my second born after you.
Highlights so far
1.       Max being serenaded on his birthday by Singapore Airlines hostess.
2.       Being fast tracked through immigration, ahead of around 1000 others, for no apparent reason.
3.       A punnet of raspberries for less than $2. Bananas for less than 40 cents.
Lowlights for far
1.       Saying farewell to some very special friends and family. We miss you all so much.
2.       Lunch time on business class flight, crying baby, crying toddler, almost crying mother!

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